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Nikon Solutions
Advice on Selecting Options
Outstanding Optical Performance and Versatility

Biological research microscope with Nikon's revolutionary CFI60 infinity optics for dramatically improved basic performance.
Ideal for epi-fluorescence and other sophisticated microscopy, the E600 opens up new dimensions in advanced research applications.
Optimized for Extended Clinical Operation

In spite of its solidly stable body, the E400 has a compact design, permitting operations in a relaxed, natural posture.
The result: less operator fatigue during long observations.
CFI60: Revolutionary Optics

image• Longest working distance with high numerical aperture objectives
• Widest magnification range
• Longer parallel optical path
• Unequaled fluorescence observation capability
• Universal-type objectives
Intermediate attachments
System Flexibility for Future Upgrades

• A broad range of available attachments
• CAE analysis for greater rigidity
• Multiple point rigid design
Next-Generation Ergonomic Design
Position comparison of stage
handle and focus control knob

• Single-hand focus/stage control
• Low stage design
• Low-angle eyepiece tube (25 degrees)
• Optional eye level riser
• Pushbutton filter slider switching (E600)
• Refocusing stopper and coarse focus tension control
• Super-hard stage surface coating
• Ergonomic Binocular tube with tilting function and back and forth adjustment.
• Auto photo preset switch correct photography
ECLIPSE E600 for Brightfield Observations
ECLIPSE E600 for Phase Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE E600 for Epi-fluorescence Observations
ECLIPSE E600 for DIC Observations
ECLIPSE E600 for Simultaneous Epi-fluorescence/DIC Observations
ECLIPSE E600 for Confocal Observations
ECLIPSE E400 for Brightfield Observations
ECLIPSE E400 for Phase Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE E400 for Epi-fluorescence Observations
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